By: Steve Pilot
Published On: Mon 12. Nov 2018

Expect the best!

There's never been a better time to be meatless in Bangkok. Also, perhaps most importantly, these 3 plant-based restaurants exist as not just fantastic examples of vegan food, but also great atmosphere and service. Veganerie started from a Vegan family who wanted to share a good Vegan experience with others from what they have found by being one.

Thai cuisine is generally fairly vegan-friendly to begin with so Veganerie helps you treat yourself with a different meal everyday. From amazing coffee to outstanding green, fresh acai smoothie bowls and vegan cakes, you can find everything on the menu. Personally I love the sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry rice bowl. Especially when you need that extra kick of protein.

All the different quinoa bowls are simply a must-try.

Don’t miss a slice of the vegan cheese pie, red velvet cake or the phenomenal cinnamon roll. I promise, you will be in “Vegan cake” heaven and feel no regrets of harming others. There are many varieties which are good for your health - more than those that use ingredients derived from animals. The taste especially is exceptional, which all comes from plant-based ingredients. Whether you're a vegetarian or not, Veganerie is a beloved Thai treasure that won't leave you compromising taste or general happiness with its meatless menu.

This is “The flavors of Nature”

Well-known for having incredibly attentive staff, they take traditional Thai dishes and creatively turn them into bold and delicious veganized versions that still manage to pack the same punch. Soy Thai ice cream, satisfyingly juicy deep-fried veggie hot wings, and mushroom "chicken" keeps Veganerie carnivores coming back to curb their Thai cravings. You should definitely give it a try and check it out.

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