Losing Weight the right way!

Published On: Sat 10. Nov 2018

It is easy to design a dehydration diet that results in losing 5kg of water within several days and many people are encouraged by these rapid results. However, dehydration of just 2-3 % of your body weight can result in a drop in physical performance.

Your body is over 60% water and needs to remain close to that amount in order to function properly. Sweat is not only water, but salt and electrolytes. These compounds help regulate nerve and muscular function and without them entire systems start to break down and this can be fatal. Also, once you stop sweating, there is no mechanism in your body to regulate body temperature and you could overheat and die from heat stroke. Not only that, but removing additional water from your digestive system by diuretics and laxatives causes the kidneys to overwork and eventually stop functioning.

"...your body now is retaining water and fat just to survive."

You shut down your entire metabolism and your body tries desperately to hold onto any remaining water and fat. This actually can cause the opposite desired affect: your body now is retaining water and fat just to survive.

The true way to burn fat and lose weight for the long term is to actually drink water and do active fitness. I usually drink over 5 litres of water a day but I exercise for more than two hours a day usually in the gym.

I would recommend 1litre/10kg per body weight a day of water to see huge results in weight loss.

The equation looks like this:
Fat loss = water + oxygen + cardiovascular exercise and fitness

Adopting a whole food diet by avoiding salt, fat, sugar, additives, preservatives, processed and refined foods needs to become part of a lifestyle change. By increasing natural foods with a high fiber and water content such as fruit and vegetables, more food can actually be eaten to appease the appetite without gaining weight. A whole food diet also has much higher vitamin and mineral content than a typical diet containing processed and refined foods.

Together, aerobic exercise and resistance training are the ideal combination of exercise to achieve fat loss and it should be part of your lifestyle.

Lets train together!

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