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How To Get Full On A Calorie Deficit - The Right Way.

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

The concept of weight loss is fairly simple - use up more energy than you consume. You can do this by being on a calorie deficit or by burning more than you eat. Most diets rely on the calorie deficit and that’s why they work in the beginning.

As you lose weight though, your body starts going through more changes and will lead to inevitable hunger. This is the point most people give up on their diets - but all we really need to do is find a sustainable way of eating in order to keep us full and still keep us on a deficit.

The solution - is water, fiber, and protein. Although these food groups don’t include pizza or giant burritos, the good news is that there are still some carbs that will keep you full as well!

As a vegan trainer who has managed to successfully build muscle, lose fat, and maintain an athletic body, these are the foods that I eat to keep myself full. They are all beneficial for your body and will keep you full and satisfied.

Drinking a glass of water before every meal or taking sips between your meal will also get you full enough until your next meal.

Legumes: Legumes are very filling - their high amount of fiber and protein makes them a perfect choice for weight loss, though some people may have trouble digesting them.

Beans: Soybeans, chickpeas, peas, kidney beans, lentils, tofu, AND HUMMUS! YUM! They are rich in iron, protein, minerals, and fiber that will keep you full and satisfied. And who doesn’t love a good dollop of hummus!? One of the other benefits of beans, lentils, and peas, is that they even help reduce the risk of diseases.

Oatmeal: Oats offer a whopping 17g of protein per 100g. They are a source of complex carbohydrates and are very easy to prepare. The best part about oatmeal is that you can flavor it with a lot of health and superfoods, fruits, nuts, and cinnamon. It’s better to prepare it yourself as buying them from an outside source usually means there is a sneaky bit of sugar in there which would only pile on the calories-the opposite of what we’re going for!

Broccoli: One cup of raw broccoli contains almost 2.6g of protein and contains only 31 calories a cup, which means you can eat a large amount to keep you full while keeping your caloric intake very low. It also contains nutrients like folate and potassium.

Cauliflower: One cup of chopped cauliflower has only 27 calories and 2g of protein.

Nuts: Nuts are usually very high in protein and fiber - even though they also have fat content. Having them raw without any coating or salt helps reduce hunger and promotes weight loss, but eat them sparingly!

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potatoes are loaded with antioxidants and fiber, more than any other potato! They are also lower in calories and their starchy goodness will get you extremely full and content.

Brussel Sprouts: Brussel sprouts are full of protein, vitamins, and fiber. Fiber means you will be kept full, and one cup contains almost 3g of protein!

Hemp Seeds: Hemp seeds have 9.5g of protein PER TABLESPOON! They are easy to find but they can get a bit expensive. It doesn’t matter too much if you can’t get your hands on them, there are plenty of other options on this list.

Tempeh: Tempeh comes from soybeans. How is it different from tofu? It has a much higher protein count offering an amazing 17g of protein. It is also fermented and easy to digest. Tempeh will keep you very full with just a small amount and is delicious with broccoli!

Pumpkin Seeds: Dry roasted pumpkin seeds are full of minerals and protein! They are rich in magnesium and selenium. They will definitely keep you a lot more full than you think.

Spirulina: Spirulina has a high amount of protein and nutrients from just a tiny amount of its powdered form. The protein content makes it filling as well.

Pistachios: Pistachios are relatively low calories to the amount of protein they contain. Just one once contains about 6 whole grams of protein as well as a high dose of B-6.

Quinoa: Quinoa is one of the only complete sources of vegetarian/vegan protein. Quinoa contains all 11 amino acids. Although quinoa isn’t exactly low in calories, having a small amount with some vegetables or as part of a big meal will definitely keep you very satisfied and full.

These foods or the combination of a few of them can make the perfect low calorie, high protein, and high fiber meals that both taste delicious and keep you full.

Now that you know what to eat, you won’t be reaching for snacks or going back to your old eating habits in order to feel full. You can be completely satisfied even with a calorie deficit!

The other way to go is to burn a lot more than you eat. Check out my video for an insight into what you can do.

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