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Master Your Health and Fitness with Tips from A Vegan Fitness Coach

Updated: Mar 3

Health and fitness can be edgy subjects, so it's not unusual to feel defensive or under attack, especially when you're first starting or wondering if it falls in line with your life's goals and objectives.

Nevertheless, spending time, money, as well as other resources, is worth it, be it to ease stress, improve concentration, boost productivity, or live a happier, longer life. It is paramount.

Fitness journeys can be frustrating and daunting but worry not because Vegan Celebrity Personal Trainer and fitness coach, Steve Pilot, has some tips to help get you started and back on track!

1. Create a Bespoke Blueprint

The beginning can be overwhelming. It is okay not to know what your fitness goals are at the start. You can then brainstorm to come up with precise fitness goals.

You may feel lost somewhere along the road and feel like you wanna abandon this entire "health and fitness" ideal.

You will come to realize how specific fitness is. Identify what it is you want to achieve out of your training and then come up with a blueprint.

Create a link between where you are now, and where you want to be, and break it down into smaller stages with realistic targets for each, this will make it feel a lot more manageable and within reach.

You will thus be able to track your progress and desist from indulging in momentary gratification from segment attainment but rather keep your focus on the bigger goal of completing all the stages and achieving your specific fitness goals.

2. Diet Is King

What you feed your body will eventually show on the outside so you must be very selective of what you eat especially if you have specific fitness goals.

Your choice of diet could make or break your goals. In this case, the emphasis is on plants and not a tiny turdy bit of animal protein

3. Proteins are Vital but There’s More to it

It is almost impossible to undergo a fitness program without discussing protein, especially if you're looking to build muscle or get stronger.

Protein equals muscle, so more protein is equivalent to even more muscles.

Despite being essential, protein is not the only ingredient you should focus on if you're looking to build muscle or strength.

Protein only facilitates muscle building if there is a need to repair damaged tissue or produce extra contractile proteins.

This occurs if your muscles have to cope with the stress of exercise by enlisting more contractile proteins to do more work.