Want To Burn More Calories? Add This To Your Weight Loss Routine.

Updated: Apr 24

The general concept of fat loss is “eat less than you burn” but sometimes this is not that simple, especially if you’re already taking care of what you put into your body.

Sometimes we need that extra push. The thing about fat loss is, that it’s not about one meal or one extreme workout session, but the accumulated result of the effort you put in.

Maybe you’ve already tried eating fewer calories - resulting in you always being hungry even if you’re eating the right amounts of food.

Eating fewer calories sometimes can sometimes even do damage because of the psychological barriers and the difficulty of maintaining the deficit.

During these times, you may need to focus more on the “burn more” part of the phrase instead of the ‘eat less.’

Your body is burning calories all day long, when digesting food, when pacing around, and just performing daily functions. Sometimes we can give it the extra push, but be sure not to exhaust it out - that can be counterproductive.

Make sure you are not abusing your body, but for those days where you didn’t work as much as you usually do in the gym, or have a shorter time frame, this is a little cardio workout you can do to burn little extra calories.

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