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Can You Really Travel Around The World On A Plant-Based Diet? Yes, He Did It.

Updated: Mar 4

At thirty years of age, he knew he had to be something more.

Having overcome depression through the invention of his own fitness method and the use of handstands, Steve Pilot needed to move on to the next level.

So, he embarked on a physical and spiritual journey.

He started traveling around the world and he changed his diet by becoming vegan.

Steve Pilot is a certified personal trainer and a vegan nutritionist. “People laughed at me when I told them I went vegan” Steve admits.

But now people overwhelm him with questions instead, asking him how is it possible to be a vegan bodybuilder.

Veganism is not just a diet, it is a way of life and it helped Pilot achieve his goals and happiness.

Read on as he reveals how you can do it.

“My trip started with Thailand”, the master of handstands recalls “And then I moved to Nepal and India”.

India made a huge impression on Steve since the variety of food there is tremendous. Spicy food, colorful food, lots of smells. “It’s easy to stay on track because India offers lots of dishes suitable for vegans”.

Vegans living in 2023 may consider themselves lucky.

Nowadays, markets offer plenty of vegan products but this was not the case some years ago. The variety of plant-based products was severely limited as the years passed.

Opposite India, Steve found it most difficult to stay on his plant-based diet when he visited Argentina.

Argentina was challenging, people eat a lot of meat there and their diet depends so much on it” vegan nutritionist Steve Pilot points out.

But still, Steve was able to stay on his track due to his enormous dedication to being the best version of himself.

It’s true that the majority of humans walking on earth are meat consumers but statistics suggest that the number of vegans throughout the world is constantly rising.

In 2010, nearly 30-40 million people worldwide were vegan whilst in 2023 this number has risen to 75-80 million people.

One possible explanation for this might be that people in modern society are searching for more advantageous and healthy eating concepts.

Steve not only loved visiting Greece, Egypt, and Lebanon, he surely loved the cuisines of those countries as well.

The Mediterranean diet is a light diet that offers lots of vegan alternatives since it includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Some of them are olives, cucumbers, berries, strawberries, and more.

Something that Steve finds interesting is the number of unintentional vegans throughout all the continents.

For religious reasons, some people choose to stay away from meat and animal products for periods of time, specified by their holy books, to purify their bodies and souls.