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Hi there!

Just thought I would drop in and share my story with you.

STEVE PILOT FITNESS is the brainchild of a well-traveled functional athlete who has visited over 80 countries worldwide and amassed an impressive array of life experience, cultural diversity, and training expertise.

I'm an expert in performing on a plant-based diet.


TWELVE years ago I decided to turn vegan!


Since then my life has changed immeasurably in many different aspects.


My sleep and recovery have improved while my strength and performance have increased.

Everyone told me it was impossible to build muscles on a plant-based diet.


I was determined to prove them wrong.


I started to educate myself on plant-based nutrition and created my own training program.

My motivation comes from the sheer love of training, in any shape or form, morning, noon, or night.


I set myself manageable and realistic goals and I have trained my mind that I can do anything I want if I really want it and I challenge myself with every training session.


Being consistent is a necessity for progression and without it, motivation simply dies.

Looking back at my past life and seeing the amazing changes that have taken place makes me so proud that I listened to that little voice inside my head that told me to change.


I have built a life bigger than I had ever dreamed of, and I am telling you from experience that YOU can do the same.

I have always wanted to inspire and motivate others to work on their body and mindset.


My mission is simple:


To positively influence people's lives - whether that be through sharing my fitness journey, my business, or my spirituality.



I want you to know that you and only YOU can create the life of your dreams.

If I can do it, why can't you?

Be yourself, but be your BEST self!


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