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What You Should Know: Questions to Ask Before You Go Vegan"

Updated: Mar 2

Being vegan has numerous benefits such as health, ethics as well as the environment.

It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by this whole "vegan" thing, so we engaged vegan nutritionist and fitness coach Steve Pilot to offer expert advice and tips for those seeking to go vegan sustainably because it may be hard for those accustomed to meat and dairy products.

The number of vegans is growing steadily, bringing with it a compelling case for ethics and our surroundings, emphasizing a diet that does not include animal products such as eggs, dairy, marine life, and meat.

Research from the University of Oxford suggests that going vegan in its entirety is the best way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet earth.

To sum it up, industrially farmed animals may pose a risk to human health because of what they are fed.

Should I dive right in or gradually make the switch to Vegan?

There is no right answer as to whether to dive right into it or transition gradually because that decision is usually validated by how sustainable it is to you.

Experts suggest a tour of the world of veganism to get a taste of vegan foods and identify alternatives to specific meat and dairy foods.

The easy availability of vegan foods can make the process somewhat less burdensome.

Even though a sudden switch may work for some, a gradual transition is arguably better.

A sudden switch could lead a new vegan to feel aggravated, so a gradual change helps to build one's vegan knowledge base as well as allow for vegan growth in a sustainable manner.

Coping with Meat loving Friends, Family, or Associates

Be nice to them even if they behave like jerks and mock you for being vegan.

Try as best you can not to lose your cool when they make fun of you for being vegan.

You may even get taunted to eat meat and get meat offers.

Instead, counter their mockery and jerky jokes by graciously offering them a tasty vegan treat.

Offering them a delicious vegan treat is a beautiful gesture to prove to them that vegan foods are yummy as well.

Empathy will come a long way in dealing with negative or somewhat aggressive attitudes.

Sometimes their comments may be misplaced or ignorant. <