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"A Handstand a Day Keeps the Depression Away"

Updated: Mar 3

It’s become common sense that exercise is good for your health, both physical and mental.

This view is backed both by science and bro science.

But with so many practices out there- ranging from weight training to martial arts to Crossfit- how can you choose the one which is the most beneficial to you?

“Handstand training did not just help me become stronger, it also helped overcome depression,” says Steve Pilot, a fitness coach, and vegan nutritionist.

Steve Pilot is a handstand expert who left his country to relocate and build his gym in exotic Thailand.

Being emotionally devastated after his break up with the love of his life, he used this particular exercise to strengthen both his body and spirit.

Being upside down in this position, you can’t really think”, he explains.

Thus, making the handstand part a bodyweight exercise and part meditation.

“I really practiced it 5 hours a day”, he continues, “and it cured my depression because I was numb, so it gave me the opportunity to not really think much and shut off my monkey brain”.

You always knew that exercise can boost your health and shape your body but how can a handstand assist you to overcome emotional and mental issues?

Can you, like coach Steve Pilot, overcome a nasty breakup?

Yes, you can. But not by falling on your head.

Scientific research suggests that being in a handstand position, slows the aging process, helps your blood purify due to the reversed blood supply, and improves your concentration skills.

You can’t really disagree.

Supporting your body in the handstand inversion requires lots of focus and concentration so that you do not allow yourself to fall over.

Your brain has to be constantly present because if it wanders around, it will cause the body to potentially be hurt.

As vegan fitness coach Steve Pilot stated, it shuts off the monkey's brain.

In addition, if you achieve a move like a handstand, your self-confidence will skyrocket. You will feel strong, you will feel invincible.