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An Exclusive Interview with Thailand Based Vegan Celebrity Fitness Coach Steve Pilot

Updated: Mar 2

As the adage goes, a healthy body, a healthy mind.

Science has it that a healthy body leads to a healthier mind and a happier life.

Vegan Celebrity fitness coach Steve Pilot is a well-traveled and learned professional who has exercised his profession for close to thirty years.

He integrates vegan nutrition into his fitness coaching, which has helped people from different walks of life achieve their fitness and nutritional goals.

We caught up with the German who took his practice to Thailand.

We sought to find out why he is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals on a purely plant-based diet.

Q: Hello Steve, nice to meet you. Let me start by asking you when and why you got into the whole vegan fitness lifestyle.

A: Nice to meet you too. I became vegan ten years ago. I felt better than I had ever felt, more active, full of energy, and much stronger. My lifestyle completely changed for the better, and my passion for fitness only got stronger.

I love working with people and sharing my knowledge.

I realized I had to help people feel amazing about themselves and their lives as I did about mine.

The best part was not that I wasn’t only helping myself feel better, but I became a better person for those around me while choosing a life of compassion, for the planet, for the animals as well as for mankind.

Q: Are you CPR-certified? What other certifications do you hold?

A: Yes, I am CPR / AED certified. I also hold the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification and my nutrition certification - PN {Precision Nutrition)

Q: How do you keep your vegan and fitness training knowledge base up to date and relevant?

A: It is the responsibility of every health and fitness professional to constantly update their knowledge through research and learning.

We educate ourselves about fitness trends that take over the industry and investigate and dispel new falsehoods as they develop.

With this information, we help “digest” the science for our clients.

Q: What are your personal fitness goals?

A: Some of my more general goals include increasing mobility and I am forever trying to become the best version of myself.
This means I am always learning, training, asking questions, and trying new things. Some of the more specific things I am working towards include being able to hand balance on one arm.