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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Travel is such an underrated way to keep an active lifestyle.

People do it for leisure, or as an escape.

Some people do it for photos or for experiencing different sights and food, but many people underestimate the value it has.

When you wake up outside your routine, you learn, you explore, and you grow.

Travel has very largely influenced my life.

I’ve visited over 80 countries across 4 continents and experienced diverse cultures, and delicious foods met great people, and seen incredible sights.

The best part about traveling is that it keeps you aware and on your feet - something you have to try extra hard to work into your everyday routine.

During this pandemic, it has been difficult to be able to fit in any sort of exploration whether it is traveling or just walking around outdoors.

That’s when I decided to do something about my travel footage.

Come travel with me on my youtube channel!

Let’s experience the world together - from the comfort of your home until the world is ready for us again!

In this video, I take you to one of my favorite places, El Nido in the Philippines.

The waters are crystal clear and the beaches are still mostly untouched by man.

It is a true paradise.

I also take you to Thailand's majestic temples and explore Laos' beauty and tranquility, both are very special places to me.

Check out:

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