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The Vegans Guide to Fitness, Strength and More Muscle

Updated: Mar 2

We get up close and personal with fitness coach Steve Pilot.

Being vegan is faith. You believe, you practice and you preach.

You learn, do it consistently, and then you become good at it.

Yes, you can be fit, and strong and have more muscle on a purely plant-based diet.

With three decades of fitness, Steve Pilot has acquired several skills and techniques uncovering what it takes.

He has mastered how to attain strength, fitness, and muscle on a purely plant-based diet coaching many along the way.

Here you will get an insight into how he did it and how you can do it too.

Deciding to go Vegan

To many, going vegan may seem intimidating when you start to think about leaving a lot of the foods you are used to and enjoy behind.

You may question whether it is for you or if it is worth it.

When going vegan, you must do it right the first time because eating plant-based foods on their own is no guarantee that you will be healthy, strong, and fit.

It will help to learn about vegan foods, try foods you may not have tried before, and consider healthy alternatives to non-vegan foods.

You could seek help when going vegan such as where to get vegan foods, or planning the entire transition.

Enlisting the services of an expert to attain your goals could make it a lot easier and seemingly effortless.

You may also do research and connect with vegans.

You will need to be persistent, and consistent, and remember the reason why you decided to go vegan.

You may even be mocked by non-vegans or get tempted to give up.

Some people go wholesomely vegan, whereas others choose to do it gradually.

The choice is entirely yours. The benefits are enormous.

The key: Planning