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Functional Body, Get Fit Program And Online Coaching.

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

I am Steve Pilot, a professional fitness coach, book author, nutritionist, and vegan athlete.

I’ve been training for 27 years and know the ins and outs of the fitness industry.

Many people fall into the traps of fad diets and crazy intense workout routines in order to get into the shape they want.

They may get there - but it’s never sustainable.

That’s where the Get Fit Program comes in.

I have created a program in order to help others achieve the perfect body suited for the life they want to live.

Whether it’s training to look the best version of yourself, or training in order to stay healthy enough to do activities with your kids, this program focuses on building strength and endurance as well as fat loss so that you can carry out the activities you want to in your daily life.

My Get Fit Program and Online Coaching is available worldwide. It incorporates functional training, strength and power training, conditioning, flexibility, and mobility.

My training isn’t like any other fitness program as it focuses on the overall health and fitness goals one needs to go about living a balanced and active lifestyle.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, build strength, or lose weight, the Get Fit Program is your fitness fix.

You can book a consultation or buy his online training courses on his website -

Get a sneak peek of what you’re going to be able to achieve as well as get FREE access to multiple training sessions to follow along!

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