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My Vegan Story.

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

For those interested in learning more about why and how to be vegan, this is my vegan story.

It’s a story that started 12 years ago.

"Why I became a vegan – and why you should, too"

Why I became a vegan – and why you should, too. I wasn’t even vegetarian.

I ate chicken several times a week and I couldn’t imagine living without it. I have, of course, known for a long time that animal farming is a nasty business.

Like everyone, I have seen those distressing pictures of the conditions endured by poultry, cattle, and pigs on factory farms.

Yet somehow I was able to put those images to the back of my mind when buying, ordering, and eating food.

I have also long been convinced that a meat-heavy diet is bad for us and that it is linked to many of the health problems of the developed world: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and so on.

We were taught that humans are at the top of the "food chain".

Meat and dairy are important for a "balanced diet" and we needed them to be fit, strong, and healthy.

Of course, we were also taught to care about animals, especially wildlife and pets.
But farm animals, although they should be treated well throughout their lives, had only one purpose - to feed us.

Animal farming is remorselessly destroying our planet.

" the end, I had decided to give up meat, eggs, and dairy"

I knew that animal farming was cruel, and I knew it was making us unhealthy, but I did not know that it was destroying our planet.

I started reading more about the environmental effects of animal farming and, in the end, I decided to give up meat, eggs, and dairy.

I knew that the ecological footprint of a plant-based diet was much smaller than that of a meat-based one, and this had been the catalyst for my previous forays into vegetarianism, beginning when I was in traveling around the world.

Processing all of this, I knew that going vegan was the only way to live compassionately.

I still had the goal to build muscle and be fit, but I wasn't sure if that was possible as a vegan.

Most of the people around me didn't think so.

Traditional bodybuilding diets seem to revolve around large quantities of whey protein and animal protein.
I didn't know anyone who was doing it any other way.


So if "If anyone tells me that it can't be done, that's great! It just means I will be the first!"

I went on to dedicate hours and hours to studying fitness and health.

I decided to do some research and become a healthy lifestyle coach.

In the process, I created the GET FIT PROGRAM which isn’t just another weightlifting program. You will learn the best foods to eat and to lose weight.

Vegan diet foods are a perfect choice.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Finding time to take care of yourself and your health can seem next to impossible.

With hard work and determination, I transformed my body and mind into the person you see today.

I went vegan because I care.

"Becoming vegan is, I am now convinced, the best thing..."

Becoming vegan is, I am now convinced, the best thing any individual can do to help our environment.

Animal farming is inflicting damage on a scale that simply cannot be allowed to continue.

And, by manifesting my values of peace and compassion, I am helping to spread those values and hopefully inspire others to awaken to the compassion that is also inside them, which will create a more peaceful world for all of us.

Veganism truly is the world peace diet.

MY MISSION IS SIMPLE: To positively influence the lives of others.

To promote physical well-being, and inspire others to maintain a happy and healthy outlook on life!

I strive to motivate and empower others by sharing my knowledge and passion for health and fitness!


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