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"Steve Pilot’s Tips to keep you Fit and Healthy at 40 and beyond"

Updated: Mar 2

Steve Pilot is a vegan nutrition and fitness coach based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The founder of STEVE PILOT FITNESS and a well-known name in Thailand’s fitness circles.

As you enter your 40s and look back upon your fitness journey, you will realize that you must make amends to your fitness and dietary routines to feel youthful, vibrant, fit, and enjoy optimum health.

Yes, you can remain active and in top shape in your 40’s. Aging is inevitable, nevertheless, you can better manage the process through consistent fitness routines.

Steve Pilot cautions that a lot of information is available and can leave one feeling confused about what works.
He points out that it is important to know what will and will not work therefore the need to separate the scientific facts from the myths.

As a celebrated fitness coach who has done it into his 40s and is going strong, rest assured that the tips you will get as you read along are from a professional fitness and nutrition coach who has done it all and is sharing what works.

Start small and incrementally.

This is important to avoid injury.

Aggressive exercise is likely to be counterproductive especially if you have not been actively engaging in some form of physical activity.

This could leave you unable to exercise at all so it is best to start with mild activity and increase the intensity gradually allowing your body to naturally adjust as opposed to putting an abrupt burden on your muscles without prepping them.

Seek medical guidance.

Upon having an evaluation from your physician, you will be able to determine whether you can get into a fitness program and establish the intensity as well.

This will help you safely take on a fitness program whilst minimizing the possibility of injury and muscle damage.

You wouldn’t want to take on a fitness program and can’t walk back home or worse experience cardiac arrest or other fatalities.

Get your mindset right

and choose the right exercises for you.